A Love and a Shrug #2: CC Cream Edition

CC Creams have been out on the market for a while now but have just never really caught my interest. I love Korean BB creams for their high coverage yet skin-like finish, but CC creams didn't seem like they would have enough coverage for me. This week, I decided to give CC creams a go and see what the trend is all about. In the end, one product came out on top, while the other fell very short.

These CC products are meant to colour correct without giving coverage, which - ideally - would mean that they minimize hyperpigmentation, redness, and dullness while maintaining a very lightweight skin-like finish. Both of these products come out in a green base with colour particles inside that are meant to adjust to your skin when blended in. However, the Biotherm Aquasource CC Gel just did not deliver the results I was looking for. I mentioned last week that I am a huge fan of the Biotherm Aquasource Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel moisturizer, which is why I thought the Aquasource CC Gel would be a good product, but there are a few reasons why I find it problematic. As the name would suggest, the product comes in a very light gel consistency, but a lot of product has to be applied before any effect can be seen. Although it feels and smells like the Aquasource moisturizer, the CC Gel dries sort of tacky and sticky, and feels actually quite heavy over the skin. Because of the gel consistency, the product can really only be applied with fingers, but it takes quite a bit of effort to blend in as the product tends to have a streaky look, which makes it difficult to use in the morning when I'm in a rush to get out the door. Even after all the effort of blending it in, the product doesn't really have any effect. I know it's supposed to be a light coverage product, but I at least hope to see some results. It also just felt uncomfortable on the skin, so I had to pass on this product.

The Stila CC Color Correcting Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20 is everything that I hoped the Biotherm Aquasource CC Gel would be. The product claims to provide sheer to medium buildable coverage, but it's definitely a light coverage at best. This one comes in a cream base rather than a gel. The first time I tried to use this product, I applied it with a beauty blender sponge and saw absolutely no results. After a bit of trial and error, I find that fingers work well, but my favourite way to apply is with a buffing brush. I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, dot the CC cream all over my face, and really go to town with buffing it in.

While it doesn't provide any coverage to the skin, it is really perfecting. It helps to reduce any redness and really brightens the complexion. It definitely has a dewy, glowing finish that is just so perfect for summer. It doesn't do anything for oil control and I find that my nose does start to get a little oily throughout the day, so those with oily skin may want to powder down the t-zone. For those with dry skin, this product is pretty moisturizing as well. Although it doesn't stand a chance against covering hyperpigmentation, it does make them slightly less noticeable, and a little bit of concealer takes care of that easily. This product pretty much looks and feels like skin, and I don't feel it on my face at all, which I love. Overall, I think the Stila CC Coloring Correcting Cream is a great option if you are looking for a natural light coverage base for the summer months.

What is your favourite CC product?

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