Just In: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

The Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask is a new release and when I first heard of the product, I thought the idea was genius. I get super dry, chapped, flaky lips in the winter, and the idea of an intense nourishing treatment for lips sounded like just about the best thing. However, as much as I praise the thought, the product itself was a big disappointment for me.

The product comes in a small metal tube and has a very thick texture, but is still fairly easy to spread. It looks like honey, feels like honey, and also tastes like honey and vanilla, which is delicious. I tried this product two ways: as an overnight treatment, and as a regular 10 minute mask. Using this overnight was a disaster. My pillow cover, blanket, and hair kept sticking to my lips, and I kept tasting honey in my mouth and wondering whether it could give me cavities. By morning, there was no trace of it left on my lips, but my lips also did not feel nourished. In fact, my lower lip cracked and started bleeding later in the day, so I assume the product is just somewhere on my bed now. Not cute.

I then tried it as a mask treatment that I would put on while doing face masks. After 10 minutes, I removed it with a washcloth to provide a bit of exfoliation. I tried this method a few times, and it works alright. My lips were pretty smooth and soft immediately after, but within an hour they were back to being dry again, so I do not see this product having any long term effects. $30 is a pretty hefty price tab for a lip treatment so I was expecting miraculously kissable lips 24/7, but that definitely did not happen. Alas, the search for the miracle lip treatment continues.

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