An Unexpected Disappointment from Marc Jacobs

The first (and only other product) I bought from Marc Jacobs Beauty was the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation and I was completely head over heels for it. It felt lightweight on the skin and gave me that fresh-faced bright-eyed glow, so when Marc Jacobs came out with the Re(Marc)able Full Cover Concealer, I had to have it. My skin is quite pale and very prone to scarring - terrible combination - so those red/purple acne scars are extremely obvious on my complexion, and I am always looking for the perfect heavy-duty concealer to add to my makeup bag. I expected this product to have similar qualities as the Genius Gel foundation, lightweight on the skin and extremely easy to blend, and I was definitely not prepared for the disappointment. This product was thick and just sort of sat on the skin. I felt like I could always see it on the skin, even after many attempts at blending it out. I've tried both using a brush and warming it up with my fingers, neither of which were particularly satisfactory. Moreover, the coverage is not great, and I can still see my acne scars showing through. I suspect that building up in thin layers would help take away the cakey look and give more coverage, but that is just too much work for everyday makeup. Really, the last straw was that this concealer broke me out. After wearing it for one day, I had two big, angry red spots glaring back at me in the mirror when I took my makeup off at the end of the night. They looked almost like boils (to be fair I've never really had boils so my opinion is based off Google images) and never really came to a head like normal acne spots do. I still have these red bumps that I'm hoping will go away very soon, but in the mean time, this concealer is going right back to Sephora.

It's a bit pretentious of me to assume that there would be any followers of the blog, but I still have to apologize for my lack of updates. The end of the school term is fast approaching and I am groaning at the thought of finals. I've been trying to post twice every week, but I don't always have new beauty revelations to share. However, I recently did a LOT of beauty shopping, so stay tuned for my posts on the best and worst of the bunch.

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