The Face Mask Schedule

I was converted into a face mask addict by Elle China editor-in-chief Xiao Xue, who says that using a face mask everyday is her best kept beauty secret as a successful business woman who has no time for sleep or spas. For the most part, I use face masks six days of the week. It is important to use serums and creams everyday to nourish the skin and replenish moisture and nutrients, but a face mask really takes your skin that extra mile.

Because face masks are so concentrated in their active ingredients and are designed to work in a short time, it is important to not leave a mask on for too long, even if it is that $300 mask that you splurged on while looking away from the price tag over Christmas season. 10-15 minutes is more than enough for any face mask.

When it comes to face masks, I believe that getting the most expensive and high tech products really isn't the most important thing. That pack of 30 My Beauty Diary sheet masks that you got on discount from your local Asian supermarket is just as good as a high end buy from Sephora, albeit not as luxurious of an experience. The most important thing is using face masks regularly and religiously. Don't expect a mask to erase all your dark spots overnight. Although some face masks can make skin imperfections look a lot better after just one use, we all know that it's easier to prevent skin imperfections than to treat them, so why wouldn't you do the same with face masks? And really, 10 minutes while you're brushing your teeth at night is all you need, so I won't be accepting any excuses of "Well I just don't have the time, you know?". Not on this blog.

That being said, not all face masks are the same. Face masks with different ingredients are targeted towards different skin concerns and should be used at varying frequencies. My typical face mask schedule looks something like this:

Monday: Hydrating mask
Tuesday: Hydrating mask
Wednesday: Treatment mask (for acne, sensitivity, redness, or whatever problem I'm having at the moment)
Thursday: Hydrating mask
Friday: Hydrating mask
Saturday: No mask! It's also important to not overload your skin with product, so give it a break once a week and let your pores sort themselves out in preparation for...
Sunday: Deep cleanse/Detox mask. We all know about this one. The clay mask that you leave on until it dries up and cracks, except you really shouldn't be doing that. Tsk tsk. More on that later.

As you can see, the majority of my face mask schedule consists of hydrating masks. Keeping the skin hydrated is key in preventing spots and wrinkles and speeding up the process of healing. Hydrating masks are typically more gentle on the skin than others and are suitable for everyday use. Treatment masks, exfoliation masks, and deep cleansing masks can be much more harsh on the skin and, in any case, do not need to be used so often anyway.

For the next few posts, I will be blogging about my current face mask favourites, so remember to follow me and check back regularly.

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